Django Iconography, Pony & Critter

Java has Duke. RubyOnRails has its train tracks & gem logo. As does Tornado and GUnicorn.

"The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines" is a great slogan for Django and it definitely embodies its marketing. Simple, nothing frufy. Even Django's logo page has its "official" in quotes. Currently, the logo is comprised with the word "django" in a unique font and a single, dark-green color.

django logo

Early on in the framework's history (circa 2010), the django pony was introduced. Definitely still an anti-establishment, satirical marketing message. It capitalized on the relaunch of the 1980s My Little Pony brand, as well as the pop culture trend of "Bronies":

django pony

The Django Critter (circa 2009) was another valiant attempt at creating an iconic image that could be associated with the framework. The only traction I could find was a discussion within the django users bulletin board:

django critter / django genie

But now web design has moved into the minimalist, ultra-simple, flat ui era embodied by Twitter's Bootstrap or Zurb's Foundation. The critter or pony (or some other logo) definitely needs updating.

So when I was preparing for an upcoming presentation, it was great to see that doctormo at deviantart had already posted a design:

Django Pony 2.0

And I definitely appreciate the thought in incorporating from the unofficial pony mascot as well as Django's roots in python:

Here I've kept to blue and yellow colours from the python logo as well as much of the shape of the upper half. I changed the two snakes into a single pony facing sort of away to give the idea of pony without having to change that face shape from the original python logo.

And I thought I would try a different variation for my presentation, I wanted to try "Django Pony 2.0" to match Django's recognizable colors:

Pony in Django Colors 2 Pony in Django Colors Pony in Django Colors 2

It isn't final but another thought on how to bringing Django's iconography forward. And with the 2.0 version of Django looming on the roadmap, perhaps it's time for an "official" update.

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